Having been in the technology business in St. Louis for thirty one years, I’ve come to realize something is missing from the day to day business process.  It has to do with trust and faith in a partnership where each participant knows the other is consistently true to their word and treats one another with respect and dignity.  Small businesses are often overlooked by vendors and treated like second class citizens.  Conversely, many vendors are abused by their customers.  My intention is to break this cycle.  I started my IT career at Hewlett Packard where high quality was a focal point and books like “In Search of Excellence” were required reading.  I want to bring that “enterprise” level of knowledge and support to the smaller companies.  I am determined to service the needs of other people in a manner consistent with how I expect to be serviced and therefore, guarantee you will be treated fairly and honestly by everyone at JIL.


I selected the name JIL Technology to acknowledge that Jesus Is Lord. He is the Lord of my life. I simply want to lift up the name of Jesus and let God draw all people to Himself. Read More…


JIL Technology is here to be your partner long-term. We accept the responsibility of managing your computers, network, software and user issues as though we were a permanent part of your staff, but only charge you for the time it takes to do a good job (which is not typically a full-time job), thereby saving you the full-time salary and overhead of a professional or two. We take care of all the technical issues so that you can have the time, focus and systems to run your company to your best abilities. We each are doing what we do best.


Jon Engerer