I want everyone to know about the love that God has for all of us. No matter what we’ve done in the past, no matter how awful we have been He still loves us. For those of you that have children you can begin to understand this. Your kids do something wrong. You don’t like what they did but you still love them. The same is true with God. He hates our sin but He loves us. He loves us so much that He sent his own son, Jesus, to this world and had Him put to death as a sacrifice for our sins. Think about it, when Jesus died on the cross, God punished Him for every sin of every human that will ever walk on the face of the earth. No wonder Jesus cried out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Not only did Jesus die on the cross, He rose from the dead and in the process defeated the devil. And this is the best part, God will forgive all of our sins because he already punished Jesus for them. All we have to do to receive His forgiveness is to believe that Jesus is real and really did die for our sins, ask Jesus into our heart, confess to God that we have sinned and ask God to forgive us. When you do that you become a new person. You don’t physically change but Jesus enters your heart and you become a new creation in Christ. And best of all when you accept Jesus into your heart and ask God to forgive you, you share in Jesus’ victory over the devil. You can claim Jesus’ power over the devil throughout your life and when you die you attain the ultimate victory over the devil and spend eternity in heaven with God. You can’t get to heaven by being nice to people and doing good deeds. The Bible tells us that “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” You must believe in Jesus, confess your sins and ask God to forgive you. Heaven is a great place to end up. There is no sickness there. No pain, no suffering, no hatred, no violence, no sin, only love and joy and peace. I can’t think of a better place to spend eternity.

If anyone that reads this has any questions about all of this or is struggling with issues in your life and would like me to pray for you please call me or email me at jon@jiltechnology.com. I don’t care if you are my customer or not. This is important. It is truly a matter of life and death.